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Heating and Cooling of Events.

For over 25 years we have been CREATING THE CLIMATE that the customer needs and expects. Regardless of the place and time of the year.
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Special Effects

Since 1996, in addition to production and commercial activities, we also provide comprehensive customer service in the field of heating, air conditioning and ventilation during all types of events. Depending on the client's needs, we offer rental of the devices themselves, as well as our qualified service teams.

For years, we have been creating the right atmosphere for various TV station productions (incl. TVP, Polsat, TVN), radio stations, art agencies and event companies, fashion designers or training companies.

For us, the most important thing is customer satisfaction and his satisfaction with a successful event. Therefore, we make every effort to correctly select devices and meet even the craziest projects. This is appreciated by our clients who have been cooperating with us for years and invite us to new projects, and the owners of event facilities recommend us to their clients. Thanks to this, we know these objects very well and we know what should be done to ensure the right climate.

We have heated, cooled and ventilated many times, incl. these rooms:

  • High Voltage Hall (Instytut Energetyki Warszawa) - the height of the building is 12 floors of a residential block (approx. 75,000 m³),
  • Reduta Sports Hall
  • Halls in Soho Factory in Warsaw
  • Halls in the Koneser Vodka Factory
  • Mera sports and entertainment arena (approx. 26,000 m³)
  • Hale Bumaru in the Ursus district of Warsaw
  • Photo halls of the ITI Group and Cyfrowy Polsat Group and others
  • The premises of Huta Kraków (approx. 90,000 m³).


Preparing an event at the highest level is a real challenge. Taking into account our experience, we know that apart from creativity, patience, diligence and reliability, a successful event also requires a lot of work, extraordinary attention to detail, extensive knowledge and great commitment on the part of the organizers.

One of the points on the long list of "things to do" is to take care of the atmosphere of the event, where by "climate" we mean appropriate, comfortable air temperature.

And here our role begins.

We are able to provide our clients with:

  • constantly expanding, rich fleet of heating devices (currently with a total power of several megawatts):
  • - mobile oil heaters with flue gas discharge,
  • - mobile oil heaters without exhaust gas discharge,
  • - mobile electric heaters,
  • - electric heaters,
  • - mobile gas heaters,
  • - gas heaters,
  • - gas "mushrooms",
  • - heating devices with the possibility of switching to cooling, depending on the customer's needs,
  • - sleeves for transporting warm air,
  • - channels for the distribution of warm air,
  • technical and service facilities,
  • specialized technical service,
  • transport to the destination.

Thanks to a wide fleet of heating devices, we are able to heat stages, tents, large-scale rooms, churches, courtyards of forts, photo halls, etc., which often do not have their own heating or it is insufficient.

It is also possible to rent heating devices to heat shooting, production and storage halls for a longer period.


Party cooling, like heating, is rather seasonal, although there are occasions when our coolers operate in winter.

Most often, this service is provided as part of air cooling in tent halls. It is not an easy task and it certainly requires a lot of knowledge and appropriate equipment. For us, the words of our clients are the measure of the quality of our services. If a client, who is cooled down on a hot July day by a black tent open on the long side, tells us in the evening "everyone came to me because it was cold only at my place", we managed Likewise, when the organizer comes and says "the guests are amazed that the sun is shining bright above their heads and they are pleasantly cool, thank you" (while cooling the transparent tent).

We try to ensure that each event ends with customer satisfaction, because only this is the best advertisement for us.

With this in mind, we have created a rich fleet of cooling devices, with various possibilities, for use in various conditions. Using our experience to date, we have created our own cooling devices with the function of heating and dehumidifying - unique on the market.

We are able to provide our clients with:

  • devices:
  • - own brand heating, cooling and drying - MTM,
  • - evaporative (powered by water),
  • - air conditioning units,
  • - mobile air conditioners sleeves for transporting cool air,
  • - channels for the distribution of cool air,
  • technical and service facilities,
  • specialized technical service,
  • transport to the destination.

It is also possible to rent cooling devices for cooling the shooting, production and storage halls for a longer period.

Our sample projects

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If you are interested in our event cooling offer, please contact us: