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Master DH 7160 (166l/24h) osuszacz powietrza

11,300.00 zł
8,814.00 zł Save 22%

Wysokowydajne osuszacze powietrza przeznaczone do użytku w przemyśle. Dzięki trwałej konstrukcji nadają się do pracy nawet w najcięższych warunkach np. na terenie budowy.



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The MASTER DH 7160 dehumidifier is a device with very high efficiency - 166 liters a day - intended for professional use. A very durable construction makes them perfect even in difficult conditions.

Efficient and quiet fan

Strong construction

strong and durable metal construction

Continuous drainage of condensate

(no tank)

Compressor phase protection

Automatic defrost

Easy access to the air filter

Wheels with a brake

Characteristics of the MASTER DH 7160 dehumidifier

  • High air flow for efficient dehumidification in a short time
  • Strong and durable metal construction
  • Handles hidden in the housing and wheels
  • Wheels with a brake
  • Efficient and quiet centrifugal fan
  • Continuous drainage of condensate (no tank)
  • Easy access to the air filter
  • Compressor phase protection
  • Automatic defrost
  • Electronic control panel:
  • Possibility to turn on the device in continuous operation mode or control with a hygrostat
  • Memory settings option

Application example for MASTER DH 7160

  • Building

private houses, basements, garages, restaurants, pubs, cafes, clubs, hotels, sports centers - gyms, fitness centers and others, beauty salons, spas, etc.

  • during conservation, painting and renovation works

when laying tiles and terracotta, parquets, screeds, bricklaying, wallpapering, painting, stucco and others,

  • in warehouses and stores with moisture-sensitive products, such as:

medicines, electronic equipment, loose food products (flour, sugars, cereals, pasta, flakes, all powdered food products, etc.), stationery and leather products, wooden and iron materials, clothing, tobacco, grain, construction warehouses, etc.

  • in production and service premises with increased humidity, such as;

laundries, hairdressing salons, food and agricultural processing plants, drying rooms for fruit, vegetables, tobacco, etc.

  • libraries, archives, bookstores, antique shops, museums, churches, electronic, grocery, wood, agricultural, construction, clothing stores, etc.
  • for drainage after floods and inundations in buildings, apartments, cellars, basements, etc.
  • for protection against condensation of water vapor in sewage treatment plants and water supply systems and protection against moisture in cargo in containers.


This method involves removing moisture from the air by cooling it below the dew point, which causes moisture to condense (condensation). Condensation dehumidifiers are available for condensation dehumidification. Their main components are the fan, compressor, heat exchangers (condenser and evaporator) and the expansion element. The temperature of the air flowing out of the dehumidifier is 3-8 degrees higher than the temperature of the sucked air. Such an increase in temperature causes faster evaporation of water, e.g. from wet walls. As the operating time of the device in a closed room is extended, the amount of water contained in the air is effectively reduced. The performance of condensation dryers depends on the operating conditions (temperature and humidity) and the type of device (size). It is greatest at higher temperatures and relative humidity. Condensation dehumidification is much more effective and economical than dehumidification by heating and ventilation, mainly due to the elimination of air exchange inside the room.


Capacity (30 ° C / 80% RH)

166 l / 24h

Capacity (20 ° C / 60% RH)

57.6 l / 24h

For rooms with a cubature

2490 m³ / h

Flood effects recovery

996 m³ / h

Air flow

1700 m³ / h

Working range: temperature

5-32 ° C

Working range: humidity

30-90 %



Energy consumption

2820 Watts


3N 380-400


50 Hz

Noise level

70 dB (A)



Tank capacity

no tank

Device dimensions (L x W x H)

582 x 410 x 1624 mm

Package dimensions (L x W x H)

640 x 465 x 1700 mm

Net / gross weight

102/110 kg

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