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Empel 65 R (60-80 kW) air heater with a pellet burner

21,730.00 zł

The Empel fan heater is an innovative combination of ecology and economy. The unique pear-shaped design of the combustion chamber increases the heater's efficiency and reduces heating costs.



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Air heater EMPEL 65 R with a pellet burner

Blow heater Empel is an innovative combination of ecology and savings. The unique pear-shaped design of the combustion chamber increases the heater's efficiency and reduces heating costs. The burner allows the simultaneous use of two different types of fuel, e.g. pellets and cherry stones, sunflower husks, seeds, etc.


Efficient and economical burner

Thermal comfort and economical fuel consumption are provided by the burner equipped with a controller with two-stage power regulation and a weekly timer. Additionally, you can connect a controller that supports the feeding of two types of fuel, e.g. pellets and cherry stones.

The burner has three temperature sensors: a room temperature sensor, a hot air outlet temperature sensor and a hot gas reverse flow safety sensor. The set includes a fuel feeder.

The simple design of the heating device ensures reliable, safe and long-term use.

Heat exchanger

The heat exchanger is made of thick acid-resistant sheet, resistant to the temperature of hot gases from the burning pellets.

Front door

The design of the door for the installation of the burner allows for their double-sided assembly, depending on the user's needs. The door has an additional, replaceable thermal plate that also acts as a deflector, preventing the door from overheating on the outside

Front door

The use of an appropriate head allows for slow blowing, directed blowing or connecting the heater to the duct system. The high efficiency of the radial fan allows the installation of hot air distribution ducts without the support of an additional fan.

Combustion chamber

The chamber has an oval shape, which reduces the resistance to the flow of heated air. The extended front part of the chamber provides more space for flame and ash.

Exhaust gas flow

The three-pass exhaust gas flow system increases the heater's efficiency and thus reduces fuel consumption.

Additional deflector

A unique solution in the heater is an adjustable triangular deflector in the front part of the combustion chamber, which allows to adjust the even speed of hot gas flow through all the flame pipes, and thus increase the efficiency of the device.

Safety of use

Simple and reliable control of mechanical thermostats ensuring effective protection against high temperature of the exchanger and engine. More powerful heaters with three-phase motors have an additional thermostat to protect against reverse air flow.

Summer / winter function

After connecting the left or right ventilation ducts, the heater in the summer can act as an air handling unit allowing to supply clean air to the building and cool the rooms, while in winter the open side of the fan can suck in air from the room and heat it up.

Empel 65 R

Head with a slow blow or with the possibility of connecting to a duct system

Screw feeder included

Spacious tray included

The inspection door is hinged

Advanced Automation

Burner included

Heat exchanger made of thick acid-resistant sheet metal

Three-pass exhaust gas flow system

Efficient centrifugal fan with high spring rate

Empel 65 R


  • Large door on long arms with two handles that allow you to comfortably move the burner away from the chamber light without the use of tools,
  • Quick disassembly of the upper walls of the heater covering the tubular exchanger and part of the burner chamber with deflectors,
  • Free access to the third-pass deflector - made of two removable cast iron plates, a material resistant to high temperatures,
  • Two large revisions of the combustion chamber and flame tubes,
  • Two additional revisions in the rear part of the exchanger for cleaning of ashes without removing the chimney,
  • Large doors that can be mounted on both sides facilitate service access to the combustion chamber and the possibility of placing the pellet hopper from any side.


car repair shops

Warsztaty samochodowe

warehouse halls


manufacturing plants

Hale produkcyjne

tennis courts

Korty tenisowe

tennis courts

Tunele foliowe

livestock facilities

Obiekty inwentarskie


Power range (kW)

60-80 kW

Air flow

5 700 m3/ h

Pellet consumption (min-max)

12 - 16 kg / h


230/50 V / Hz

Energy consumption

740 Watts

Chimney diameter

180 mm

Dimensions L x W x H

640x1070x1650 mm


160 kg

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