MTM 15-35 GT (15-35 kW) multi-oil air heater

The MTM 15-35 GT multi-oil air heater is intended for heating industrial premises not covered by the central heating system

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MTM 15-35 GT / 2 in 1 - the device combines medium and high power furnaces thanks to a wide range of work.

Model MTM 15-35 GT multi-oil blast furnace. Stove with a closed combustion chamber, with increased efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

Closed combustion chamber - what does it mean?

Each combustion process requires the supply of an appropriate amount of air. Heating devices with a closed combustion chamber are those whose combustion chamber structure is tight and does not allow the flame to escape outside the chamber. The air necessary for the proper combustion process is supplied by a fan located in the air part (as in our MTM 15-35 GT, MTM 52 and MTM 52R models) or in the combustion part (then the air is drawn through the generated vacuum). This solution ensures that a constant amount of air is supplied to the furnace, regardless of external conditions, such as weather (temperature, wind, humidity, atmospheric pressure) or geographical location, which affect the chimney draft and the amount of air supplied in open chambers. Variable chimney draft can disrupt the combustion process and may even cause the exhaust gases to return to the chamber.

In ovens with the so-called open combustion chamber, the air necessary for combustion is drawn from the room in which the stove is located (boiler room, workshop). To provide the right amount of air, it is necessary to aerate the room. Most often it is done through supply ventilation, supply grilles, leaks in the window or door joinery, or by leaving the windows open.

Some furnaces with a closed combustion chamber allow the intake of fresh air from the outside (in some situations, when connecting the external intake is difficult for technical reasons, it is possible to draw in air from another room with adequate ventilation).

This solution has a number of advantages:

  • from the room where the stove is located, oxygen is not taken away - it is particularly important when there are people and / or animals in the room,
  • allows you to reduce costs related to the implementation of supply ventilation,
  • eliminates the cooling down process of rooms through the supply of cool air from the outside through ventilation grilles and left open windows - the air drawn from the outside, by means of an inlet installation, is directed directly to the combustion chamber and does not cool the room,
  • greater efficiency of the device - the right amount of air supports the combustion process increasing the efficiency of the device, thus reducing fuel consumption (costs),
  • security use - reduces the risk of reverse exhaust,
  • can be used in rooms with increased dustiness (preparation rooms for paint shops, carpentry shops with exhaust hoods, rooms with negative pressure).


Combustion chamber

The combustion chamber is made of stainless steel, while the fire bowl is made of cast iron, not of rapidly cooling steel.

Fuel filler

The fuel filler is designed in such a way as to easily and quickly add fuel, without fear that we will flood the controller or larger contaminants will get into the tank. The easy-to-remove filter allows you to clean it quickly and efficiently.

Overflow protection

New, improved system to prevent oil overflow in the combustion chamber, thanks to a more sensitive micro-switch.


Improved device electronics. Now you do not have to wonder what voltage you have in the network, because in our latest controller we have used a voltage stabilization system. Over-voltage protection increases the service life of the controller.

The MTM 15-35 GT universal oil stove controller is equipped with a control knob and two buttons that allow the user to control the operation of the heater and LEDs indicating the operating status of the device combined with an acoustic signal in the event of a failure.

Smooth power regulation

Power control consists in smoothly increasing or decreasing the revolutions of the fuel feeding pump. Burning takes place evenly, regardless of the thickness of the oil. A high-precision, low-speed gear fuel pump, specially designed for our devices, taking into account the specific conditions of use, pumps any type of oil, regardless of its density. Thanks to this, you do not have to check the density of the oil at your disposal and you do not have to remember to select the appropriate operating mode - the pump installed in our devices pumps both thick used oils and thinner heating oils and their mixtures.

High thermal efficiency

The MTM 15-35 GT heater effectively heats rooms up to 800m³ (with good insulation of the building).

Type of fuels that can be used

  • vegetable oils (biofuels),
  • raw vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower and others), including post-frying (gastronomy),
  • mineral oils (used engine, gear, hydraulic and diesel oils of HBO I, II, III type with a viscosity not higher than SAE80),
  • heating oil.
Piec multiolejowy MTM 15-35 GT

Exhaust gas discharge

Efficient blower fan

Completely pure heat

Durable housing covered with powder paint

Protection against overflow of the furnace

Control panel with LED lights

Smooth regulation of heating power 17-33 kW

Built-in fuel tank

Piec multiolejowy MTM 15-35 GT


  • new design!
  • five-sided exhaust of heated air,
  • built-in microprocessor controller:
    - smooth power regulation from 15 to 35 kW,
    - LED diodes signaling operation or possible emergency stop of combustion,
    - with a sound signal,
  • durable housing with powder coating,
  • closed combustion chamber made of steel with increased temperature resistance with an oxygenating fan,
  • the possibility of supplying air to the combustion chamber from the outside,
  • the fan turns off as the stove is put out when the temperature drops below 40oC within the combustion chamber,
  • thermostatic operation control
  • fuel pumps,
  • manual ignition,
  • 100% pure heat,
  • constant radiation / blow-out temperature,
  • blowing 1000 m3 / h of warm air,
  • thermal radiation in all directions,
  • the possibility of using accessories:
    - air supply duct to the fan oxygenating the combustion chamber,
  • 50 liter fuel tank,
  • heater protection against overheating,
  • protection against overflow of the furnace,
  • thermostatic pump operation supervision.




industrial halls


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Heating power

15-35 kW

Oil consumption

from 1.3 to 2.9 l / h

Air flow

1000 m³ / h

Rated current

0.8 A

Electric supply

230 V / 50 Hz

Power consumption

190 W.

The diameter of the flue

150 mm

Dimensions W x D x height

580x870x1390 mm


90 kg

Tank capacity

50 l

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