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NPS 70 (70 kW) solid fuel air heater MTM Dariusz Seferyński
  • NPS 70 (70 kW) solid fuel air heater MTM Dariusz Seferyński
  • NPS 70 (70 kW) solid fuel air heater MTM Dariusz Seferyński

NPS 70 (70 kW) solid fuel air heater

8,990.00 zł

Solid fuel heater, NPS model (70 kW)

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NPS 70 (70 kW) solid fuel air heater

NPS 70 (70 kW) solid fuel air heater

Solid fuel heater, NPS model (70 kW)

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NPS 70 (70 kW) solid fuel air heater

NPS - solid fuel-driven stationary fan heater with a heating capacity of up to 70 kW (NPS70 model) is a device characterized by a simple structure and principle of operation, while maintaining the highest quality of workmanship.

The advantage of the heater is its versatility - the heater can be powered by any fuel (wood, coal, briquette), and after installing the fan burner - also with gas, fuel oil, used oil and pellets. Burners are available separately.

The heat needed to heat the object is obtained thanks to the heat exchange between the flue gases and clean air via a heat exchanger.

The operation of the device is controlled by a heat exchanger thermostat, thanks to which the fan turns on automatically when the temperature in the exchanger chamber reaches the appropriate level.

The heater generates heat directly into the room through the blower head, and the smoke and other gases emitted during combustion are discharged through the chimney.

The static pressure generated by the fans used and the precisely profiled blower head ensure that the heat is distributed quickly and evenly in the room. An undoubted advantage of the device is the easy to empty ashtray located directly under the combustion chamber.


NPS 70 nagrzewnica powietrza na paliwa stałe

Rotating blower head with movable louvers

Durable and solid construction

Large hinged door

Possibility to use a fan burner

Completely pure heat

Exhaust gas discharge

High-performance fan

NPS 70 nagrzewnica powietrza na paliwa stałe

Characteristics of the NPS 70 heater

  • high efficiency,
  • completely pure heat,
  • manual ignition,
  • very low operating costs - cheap fuel - wood waste (recommended) or other available solid fuel can be used: coal, wood briquettes,
  • ignition can take place at a temperature below 0 ° C - no medium that could freeze at minus temperature,
  • air circulation caused by the operation of the fan prevents the accumulation of warm air under the ceiling,
  • the device does not heat buildings, but only the air in them,
  • high efficiency and high power - 70 kW,
  • possibility of fueling with solid fuels (dry wood).

Examples of NPS 70 heater applications

  • warehouses,
  • factories,
  • production halls,
  • assembly plants,
  • workshops,
  • agricultural and farm buildings.


car repair shops

Warsztaty samochodowe







70 kW

Air flow

12,500 m³ / h


Without a burner: wood, coal.

After installing the burner: gas, heating oil, used oil, pellets

Fuel consumption

30 kg / h - for wood *

Fuel consumption depends on its type.


400V / 50Hz

Rated current

640 W.

The diameter of the chimney connection

⌀ 180 mm

Dimensions W x D x height

780x1250x2270 (1720 + 550 head) mm

Combustion chamber dimensions

diameter - 620 mm, height 860 mm

Rotating blow head


Combustion chamber dimensions

280 kg

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