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MTM ME 22 nagrzewnica elektryczna
  • MTM ME 22 nagrzewnica elektryczna
  • MTM ME 22 nagrzewnica elektryczna
  • MTM ME 22 nagrzewnica elektryczna
  • MTM ME 22 nagrzewnica elektryczna

MTM ME 22 (11/22 kW) electric air heater

1,699.00 zł

MTM portable electric heaters designed for failure-free operation in difficult conditions. They are intended for additional heating and heating of various rooms.

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MTM ME 22 electric heater (11/22 kW)

Portable electric heaters MTM series ME designed to operate without failure in difficult conditions. They are intended for additional heating and heating of various rooms. They are most often used to heat production halls, workshops, warehouses, workshops, social rooms, shops, warehouses, garages, guard booths and even flats. They are perfect for construction and finishing works, supporting the work of e.g. dehumidifying rooms and accelerating the performance of plastering, painting or restoration works.

Great mobility

The undoubted advantage of electric heaters is their high mobility - you only need to provide access to the electrical installation, in the outdoors you can use power from power generators, and thanks to their low weight, you can easily change the heater's place of operation. Compact, metal casing, high efficiency, quiet operation, no exhaust emissions and no oxygen consumption are the features of electric heaters, thanks to which they can be used in rooms where people and animals are present. The fact that no water vapor is released prevents the accumulation of moisture in the rooms and supports their drying.

Built-in room thermostat

MTM heaters are equipped with an adjustable thermostat - if the temperature in the room is lower than the temperature set on the thermostat, the device will start heating. After reaching the temperature set on the thermostat in the room, the device switches off: the heating elements and the fan stop working. After the temperature in the room decreases, the device automatically starts heating by turning on the heating elements and the fan.

Adjustable heating power

The heating power is regulated by the main switch, which can be set, depending on the model, in the position 1/2 or 1/1 or 1/3 or 2/3 or 1/1 of the power. Models from 3.3 kW to 22 kW can work in the fan mode after selecting the mode with the main switch marked with the fan pictogram.

Improved warm air distribution

In order to better distribute heat in a heated room, models with power from 3.3 kW to 22 kW during operation, continuously force air circulation even when the heating elements are turned off. This allows the air temperature to be equalized in different parts of the room. The heaters are protected against overheating in the form of a manual RESET function. There is a capillary tube temperature sensor in the air outlet cover.

Overheating protection

If the temperature of the outgoing air exceeds 105oC (the temperature is measured by the sensor), the heating elements will be turned off. The fan in the heater will run, the heating elements will remain disconnected. To enable the heaters to work, press the RESET button located on the front panel of the heater, next to the thermostat knob.

ME 3.3, ME 9 and ME 15 heaters with a capacity of 3.3; 9 and 15 kW are equipped with manual RESET. On the other hand, the ME 22 kW model has an automatic reset. It differs from the manual RESET in that after the device is turned off and it has cooled down, it will automatically reset and the heater will be ready for operation. The most common cause of this function is a power failure during the heater operation, causing the temperature inside the device to rise as a result of the fan stopping or turning the device off without cooling down for 3 minutes.


MTM ME 22 nagrzewnica elektryczna

Comfortable handles

Built-in room thermostat

Power regulation

Stainless steel heating elements

They don't consume oxygen

Motor with thermal switch

Strong and durable steel construction

Overheating thermostat

MTM ME 22 nagrzewnica elektryczna


  • built-in thermostat
  • no exhaust fumes, no smell, no moisture
  • do not consume oxygen,
  • quiet work
  • heating elements made of stainless steel,
  • overheating thermostat
  • two-stage power regulation
  • strong and durable structure
  • steel, handles for easy transport of the heater
  • fan only function (cooling)
  • air flow 2400 m3 / h
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty







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Heating power

11/22 kW

Air flow

2 400 m³ / h

Power / Frequency

400 V / 50 Hz

Plug (male) on the heater side

400V / 32A / 5P

Rated current

32 A.

Switch position 1

turned off

Switch position 2


Switch position 3/4

11/22 kW

Thermostat control

built-in thermostat

Temperature range

5-35 ° C


IP 44

Package dimensions (L x W x H)

550x570x640 mm


26.5 kg

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